Arugula is back!


Arugula is one of my favorite plants. It is so versatile. It is fabulous on a salad. My personal favorite is arugula, sliced pear or tart apple, crumbled blue cheese, pecans, and balsamic vinaigrette dressing.

Another way we use arugula at our house is as a pesto or chimichurri. It is so easy to make in the food processor.  To make an arugula pesto, mix olive oil, sliced almonds, lemon juice, and garlic -fresh or roasted.

To make the chimichurri it is the same basic ingredients but with red wine vinegar and red pepper flakes for a kick.

Let me know of you are interested and I will post our recipes.

I should say we use the chimichurri as a marinade for meats but the truth is, I usually eat most of it as I making it… But you can use it instead of mayo on a sandwich, use it as a dip for bread or as a base for pizza.  We love it sprinkled on top of a pizza too.

Arugula is also a superfood. It is high in calcium, iron and potassium. The copper in arugula is a great immune booster.  It is good for your bones and teeth. What is not to love!

Allison Creel