Broccoli leaves - the new kale!


Broccoli leaves are an often overlooked part of the broccoli plant. Everyone knows the flower buds - it it the part we eat. But unless you grow broccoli you may not be familiar with the leaves.

Broccoli leaves are very similar to kale and can be used in much the same way. We made broccoli leaf chips in oven the other day. A super simple recipe is the rinse the leaves, pat dry. Spritz with olive oil and seasoning of your choice. Spread out on a baking sheet and bake at 275 until desired crispiness, tossing half way through (usually 20-30 minutes) . They can also be sauteed, used in a stir fry and soups or juiced. Another great recipe we tried this week was as a cole slaw. Marie’s poppy seed dressing with sliced broccoli and cabbage leaves is our basic recipe. Then add whatever you want. To make it sweeter add pecans and cran-raisins. Or add sliced carrots for a more traditional slaw. You can also add it to fresh salads like you would kale leaves.

There are lots of great recipes on the internet. We will be trying some this week and let you know .

Allison CreelComment